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A modern woman poses with trendy diamond jewellery from the Gulz collection of Khwaahish.The mobile view banner image of the Gulz collection of Khwaahish.

Once upon a time, in the heart of a bustling city, a passionate jewellery brand decided to redefine luxury. They envisioned a brand that would break away from traditional norms, embracing the spirit of the modern woman who seeks both style and affordability in her everyday life.

Thus, Gulz was born – a brand that believes that every woman of today deserves to shine like a diamond – not just on special occasions but every day. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: to create diamond jewellery that’s as unique and as vibrant as the women who wear it.

Our mission at Gulz is to make diamonds more accessible without compromising on quality, ethics or style. All our designs are inspired by the rhythm of contemporary life – versatile, adaptable, fun and irresistibly chic.


Gulz collection – The Muse

“Gul” in Persian origin means Rose. Gulz collection is an ode to one of our favourite muse the rose – a flower celebrated for its elegance and fragility. Our collection with its signature style of rose gold jewellery is truly a tale of elegance, beauty and timeless romance. It resonates with people who appreciate the delicate balance between tradition and contemporary style.Gulz is a story in rose gold jewellery that weaves together the beauty of nature, the artistry of humans and the symbolism of love and passion. Inspired and also named after one of the Founders, this collection’s unique and captivating beauty is a story to be unfolded…


Modern women are showcasing their diamond jewellery from the Gatsby collection of Khwaahish.Mobile view banner image of modern women showcasing their diamond jewellery from the Gatsby collection of Khwaahish.


It’s a night to remember, and my jewellery is here for it.
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Making ordinary moments extraordinary with a hint of bling and pop of colour.
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A happy modern woman poses with diamond necklaces and earrings studded with colorful gemstones.
Trendy and modern women are showcasing their diamond jewellery from the Glitz collection of Khwaahish.


Dressing up your 9 to 5 - with a hint of sparkle
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The Legacy

Launched by the mother brand Khwaahish Diamonds, Gulz also showcases the unmistakable Indian finesse that is an integral part of every creation. While all jewellery pieces is conceived, designed and crafted in India, the brand is fearless to experiment newer horizons.

The fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary design is what has always set us apart. The end product is a delightful synergy between the designer’s vision and the craftsmen’s great skill – all done with painstaking attention to detail and achieving an impeccable finish.

Interior image of Khwaahish showroom.Mobile view of the interior image of the Khwaahish showroom.
The Legacy
The Curator’s Tale
The image of the curators of Khwaahish -Mr. Pankajj, Ms. Gulan, Mr. Ashwin, and Ms.Divya.The mobile view image of the curators of Khwaahish -Mr. Pankajj, Ms. Gulan, Mr. Ashwin, and Ms.Divya.
The Curator’s Tale

Gulz has been lovingly curated by a team of experts, each one bringing their own flavour to the brand – who have become the heart and soul of the brand. This curation is one that describes our passion, purpose and love for diamond jewellery. Every diamond and precious gemstone that graces our jewellery has been meticulously examined and chosen for its brilliance, fire, and scintillation. We strongly believe that they are more than just a stone; they should be a beacon of light, a source of joy, and a reflection of the wearer's inner radiance. Our relentless pursuit of perfection goes way beyond the material used. Design, to us, is more than aesthetics; it's a language. Our designs reflect the rich tapestry of history and culture, infusing it with a contemporary twist that speaks to the modern woman's style and sensibility.

The banner image of a modern woman poses with trendy rings studded with diamonds and colorful gemstones from the Gulz collection of Khwaahish.
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Find your wardrobe essential or a new everyday favourite with our array of diamond rings. From classic styles to trendy designs, to dazzling ones and minimalist ones for understated elegance, you will find many to suit your signature style.
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The Brand Promise

Natural diamonds and precious gemstones that have been sourced ethically only find way to the hands of our craftsmen. Each of it goes through a rigorous process of checking and authentication, which is a non compromising factor for our brand. Each jewellery piece thus created carries the Gulz promise of quality – certified as is by International Gemmological Labs.

The logos of the different International Gemmological Labs, Gold & Platinum trademark.


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Exceptional quality of diamonds, gemstones and crafting techniques. We are recognised for our diamond expertise and unique craftsmanship. Every diamond and precious gemstone used is handpicked and ethically sourced by our inhouse team of experts.
Lifetime Exchange
Exchange your old gold with us anytime and upgrade to a brand new piece of Jewellery. We follow a detailed process to assess the purity of old gold received and offer the best exchange value as per current market standards.





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